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Lemon Drizzles

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Here is this weeks Pic Prompt:

 This weeks Lemon Drizzles:

A Quickie in the Alley by Jasper's Women.

I walk out of the diner and see him in the deserted side alley.  He's sitting smugly on his bike that's leaning against the wall.  I walk past him and try not to look at him.  I pull my skirt down lower, to hide any extra leg from his peering eyes.  I hear him whistle as I walk by, I want to slap his face but decide to keep walking.  
He grabs my arm and pulls me towards him.  I gasp at how close he's pulled me to him.  His masculine scent makes me swallow hard as I wonder if he tastes good too.  "Want a ride?  I ain't taking no for an answer."  He growls out and I look around, but no one is here. I slowly sit behind him.   "Hold on tight,"  I grip his chest and he revs up the bike, anticipation, fear, nervousness all flood my senses.  "Damn, those big itis of yours are hitting my back and making me hard."  He looks back at me and grabs my face and kisses me.  I try to pull away.  But the feel of his tongue in my mouth just sets me on fire.  
I lean forward and kiss him back.  His unshaven chin feels so sexy against my face.  I slowly unbutton his shirt and rub my hand along his well chiseled chest. I moan as I feel his muscles.  His hand reaches around and slips my jacket off. "I want to see those tits, I've been thinking about them since you walked out here." He whispers out and I can't help but let his words go straight to my core.
He grabs my hair, "Once I start, I ain't stopping."  He warns me looking into my eyes.  I nod, I don't want him to stop either. I want this, Fuck I need this.  I rub my hands through his hair gripping tightly as I continue to kiss him, waiting for him to make the next move.  
He grabs my arm and pulls me off the bike to stand and face him.  He slowly lowers my shirt down my arms and unhooks my bra.  It's still around my arms but he feels my breasts and tweaks my nipples in his fingers.  I moan at the feeling of his rough hands against my soft skin.  
He grabs my hips and moves his hands until he finds the ridge of my panties. He grabs and pulls them down, "Step out of them." he commands causing me to whimper.  I step out of them using his shoulders to steady myself.  I can feel how wet I am for him and wonder what he'll do next.  
He slaps the seat in front of him. "Have a seat". I nervously walk my half naked body over to his bike and sit down facing him. My legs wide open for him to view me.  He immediately rubs my pussy and I fall forward against him.  "Your pussy is so wet and tight."  He says as he pushes his finger into me.  I grab his shoulder and can't help but gyrate against his finger.  "I want your juices all over my seat, I want to smell you when I drive."  I moan and move my hips faster, gripping harder onto his shoulders.  "Oh God.. .feels so good... Oh fuck."  I moan as  I feel my body tense and a familiar tightening in my walls.  He moves faster and I feel absolute pleasure as I release onto his hand.  He pulls out of me and licks his hand clean. He holds out the finger that was inside of me and motions for me to taste.  I slowly lick his finger and pull it into the my lips.  
 He stand as up and unzips his jeans and pulls them down.  His dick is gorgeous, so long and thick.  His balls are shaven and sexy.  He motions for me to come to him. I get off the bike with shaky legs and walk to him.  He pushes me gently but firmly against the wall and hooks his arm under my right leg.  He pushes his hard dick into me while staring into my eyes. I can't breathe from the feeling of being completely full.  He pulls out and pushes back in again, then grabs my other leg and holds me up against the wall.  He smirks and then pulls out, but quickly thrusts back in moving hard and fast inside of me.  
"Oh Fuck."  I yell out at the pure bliss, he's breathing hard and staring at me.  He moves his hips around as he moves harder and faster.  I grab onto his shoulders and fall forward.  "No, I want to look in your eyes, I want to see what I do to you."  I lean my back against the wall and hold onto his shoulders, while looking back into his eyes. He's wild with lust and I'm too far gone to care.  He moves harder hitting every sensitive spot in me.  
I hear voices and the fear of getting cough makes my body shake.  "Do you like my dick in you?  Do you like how it makes your pussy feel?"  I nod, "Feels so good.... I need....oh God."  My body tightens as I feel myself getting ready to orgasm again.  He pushes harder as he leans forward to kiss me.  The feel of his tongue in my mouth, moving to the same rhythm as his dick pushes me over the edge.   My body tightens and I feel a wave of pleasures as I release around him.  "Only I can make you feel this way."  He  groans and slams harder into me as he cums deep inside of me.  He breathes against my neck and I caress his hair softy .   
He slowly pulls out and lets me down. I feel wobbly, he immediately grabs onto me, "You okay?"  I nod, "I just need a minute, I'm fine."  I laugh out.   He pulls up his pants and grabs my panties. He cleans in between my legs with them and puts them in his back pocket.  He helps me button my top and then softly kisses me and looks into my eyes again.  "I love you Jessica... I think this was our most exciting one yet."  I nod and hold  his face in my hands, "Oh Edward, I love you too, Happy Anniversary honey."    

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What is a lemon drizzle and how does it work?

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Submissions will post on Friday, and should be received no later than Thursday at 7pm (EST).

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