Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday One Shot Wonder Recs - Special Edition

What's so special about this Sunday? We're rec'ing the winners of the JNG Gettin' Down and Dirty with the Cullen Boys Contest. Fabulous banners made by the lovely TwiCarol! Congrats again to all our contestants. We love you all!

The Voter's Pick...


Summary - Edward is contemplating his lack of experience when something unexpected happens whilst Bella sleeps. Something he is totally unprepared for.

I'm not going to lie. If there was a scenario that I may have imaged when reading Twilight this spin on the tale was right up there in my top 5!

This is how I wanted Edward to be. Take charge, dirty and hot!  I'm just not buying he slipped into her bedroom and watched her sleep.  I'm just sayn'!  This was a fantastic story with just the right amount of steam. Loved it!

This entry was what I hoped and prayed  Edward would do in the original series, lose a little control and give into his sexual urges!  My Shameful Acts of Lust is very hot & dirty!!! It's a must read!!!

Holy Hotness Batman! I enjoyed this entry so much (twss)! Who wouldn't love to have this Edward in their bedroom when they woke up? UNF! Well-deserved winner of the Voter's Pick. Read it if you haven't already; read it again if you have. So worth it!

JNG Pick...


Summary - Entry for the 'Gettin' Down & Dirty with the Cullen Boys Contest.' Bella enlists the help of Angela to take on a handsy ‘ghost’ in the stacks of Forks Public Library. Lem/Lang. (An alternate reveal of the Forks vamps.)

Yum...if there were a ghost running around the library and he looked like Jasper, well I wouldn't think twice about gettin' down and dirty in the stacks! What a creative and fun story this one is. I've never read anything like it here on FF. If you're looking for a fresh and unique spin on J/B check this one out and see why it was the JNG pick!  It was hot!

This entry was just yummy, getting dirty in library is hot as hell especially  with a hot  'ghost', Jasper!!!

Absolutely fantastic entry & so hot! Original & well-written, I highly recommend reading this if you haven't already. I guarantee you won't have read anything like it before. Enjoy!

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