Monday, August 15, 2011

Naughty Girl For A Day...DreamOfTheEndless

 Happy Monday!!!

Today's Naughty Girl For a Day is a total sweetheart and the author of a story that haunts me, 
DreamOf TheEndless. Her story Beautiful Sorrow is amazing and completely heart breaking.

I will turn things over to her.

Some of you may know me as DreamOfTheEndless at FF or ToTheDreaming on twitter. Like many here, I had lost my sanity to Twilight a while back and been getting my fix from FF to stave off the withdrawal. Compared to some I am a relative newcomer to the fic-verse. I only just found this place toward the end of 2009. While I love and appreciate Twi-fics in all forms, I have to say my heart belongs to Edward. If there was a way to divide it up, I’d give a part to Carlisle. But really, I love all the Cullen men!

I am ecstatic to be a Naughty Girl For A Day! I suppose after a life time of restraint and PC choices, the “naughty girl” in me was screaming for a release. Thank you so much for offering me an outlet! I immensely enjoy a well written smut (who doesn’t?). If I knew how to write one, I would do it till the end of days! I’m practicing, so who knows? Maybe someday I’d be able to join the ranks of those who do it seamlessly and make it look easy, like Lady Tazz and jaspercullen818.
As for the three stories I have for you today:
Midnight Refreshment by Edward'sLittleTemptress (OS)

This little story is (Oh so!) naughty. In this hot little AU, you see a sexually frustrated Bella getting a lesson in all things carnal from none other than the Daddy C. I know there are tons and tons of those out there. But boy, this one is extra naughty, trust me.
The Lesson series by Lillie Cullen (Completed)

I came across these stories soon after stumbling into FF. At the time, the notion of non-canon was foreign to me, and the idea of Bella being with Jasper was just plain shocking (tantalizingly so!). I’ve come a long way since then, but I still recall how profoundly these stories affected me way back when, specially the first two of the series (Lesson in Release and Lesson in Fate).
Buried Amongst the Begonias by DurtyNelly (WIP)

I am fairly certain you all know about this one. This disturbing yet alluring piece of story sucked me in like very few could. Here you have a psychotic and dysfunctional Cullen family surviving in the “normal” world while allowing their demons to feed in secret. It probably won’t make for “light” reading, but when you are in the right mood, it’ll be just the thing for you.
If you do decide to try all or any of these stories, please let me know what you think. I love to compare notes.
Once again, a HUGE thanks to the amazing Lady Tazz for giving me this opportunity. I’m honored to be naughty for a day:)

Thank you again DreamOfTheEndless, for taking the time to our Naughty Girl For a Day!


  1. Hey! Thank you so much for having me here:) I had a blast. Lots of love to you:)

  2. Thanks for being a Naughty Girl For A Day!!