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Lemon Drizzle

Happy Friday all!!!

Befor we dive into this weeks Lemon Drizzles. I need to announce the August's Lemon Drizzle Author of the Month.

  Congratulations to TheUnderStudy!

This Weeks Pic Prompt:

This Weeks Lemon Drizzles:

Wash Away the Day by Edward's Sex Goddess

Pairing: Bella/?

 I sighed as I dropped my briefcase beside the door then shit it with a not-so-light kick. I’d had the day from Hell thanks to my partner dumping the six million dollar Gaddy case in my lap. The whole, twisted fraudulent mess was enough to make me wish I was back practicing family law. It tended to take less time and research, unless, of course, there was something suspicious going on that needed detailed investigation. With this case, I would have to search through years, possibly even a decade, worth of files. It was a nightmare to be certain, a nightmare that I simply wanted to wash away with a nice, hot shower.

I entered the darkened bedroom that I shared with my fiancĂ© and was surprised to hear the shower running in the bathroom, as he was normally holed up in his office at this time of the evening, sketching out blueprints for some client or another. I would have thought he would have been downstairs, working himself to the bone for his presentation on Tuesday. Apparently, I was wrong, not that I minded. I mean, if he was already in the shower, and I needed said shower, I saw no reason why we couldn’t conserve water.

Yeah...Conserve water. Right.

I smirked to myself as I peeled off my tailored blazer. The rest of my clothes soon followed, and shortly, I was left in only my red-soled shoes. I sashayed to the bathroom and slowly pushed the door open, freezing on the spot at the sight before me.

Mary, mother of Jesus, spank me!

The only reason that I took any notice of the white and shell-colored, marble wall directly across from me was because he had one forearm braced on it, and was leaning his forehead against the tile. It was obvious from the spasming of his right shoulder and the rapid movement of his arm that he was jerking off. I stared, absolutely transfixed by the sight of his firm, ass cheeks clenching and relaxing as he thrust into his free hand.

God, I want to bite that ass. I want to sink my teeth into that and...wait! What happened to my ass?

The gorgeous, tight and tan muscles were gone, and in their place was a far more appealing one. Long and thick and—

A chuckled interrupted my train of thought, and I had to force myself to look away from his twitching member. I could not have stopped the bright blush when my gaze caught his even if I wanted to.

“See something you like?”

I rolled my eyes at the overused line and propped myself up in the doorway. “Nothing I haven’t seen a thousand times before.”

His lips curled into a wicked grin as he turned in the walk-in shower and leaned against the marble wall. His hand tightened on his cock, and I had to swallow back the lump that formed in my throat. He slowly pumped himself, twisting his hand around the base before sliding slowly toward the tip, where his fingers made the same enticing motion.

I was certain that, were he not in the shower, I would see a tantalizing bead of pre-cum on the tip, but to my immense disappointment, the water that slicked down his toned form would wash away the evidence of his weeping arousal. I instinctively wet my lips and had to fight the urge to move forward.

Instead, I chose to play his game.

I moved away from the door-frame and made myself as comfortable as I possibly could against the wall, near my vanity. I stretched out one leg and caught the steel rung of the little velvet-pillowed stool with the sharp heel of my shoe, dragging it closer. I knew I had his full attention when his hand stopped its teasing ministrations. I carefully balanced myself on one foot, while raising the same one that had retrieved the elegant seat to rest on the red-covered cushion.

Now, I was as exposed to him as he was to me.

I reached between my trembling thighs and stroked only my middle finger over my damp slit, watching as his eyes narrowed and his lips parted in a silent moan. I noticed how his gaze was riveted to my aching body, and smiled triumphantly before flicking the tingling bundle of nerves.


I slid my hands up my body to pinch and tug at my tight nipples, and I saw him give his dick and sharp jerk. I massaged my breasts, squeezing and kneading, and watched as he reached down to cup his balls.

I moaned, both from the gratification of the soft caresses against my own skin and the delicious sight of my lover pleasuring himself, before slipping my fingers back down to their original destination. I slowly drew circles around my clit, and worried my lower lip with my teeth as I slipped one then two fingers deep inside, thrusting and swirling as best I could in my not-so-comfortable position. I whimpered, needing more, but entirely unable to give myself the pleasure that his gorgeous body could.

Almost instantly, my wordless plea was answered.

My mind barely registered the sharp clattering sound the stool made as it crashed to the floor, having been knocked unceremoniously out from under my elevated leg. All I knew as that my hands were pinned above my head, my legs were wrapped around a trim waist and the longest, thickest cock I had ever laid eyes on was pounding me mercilessly into the wall behind me. Every thrust had me gasping in ecstasy, each deep stroke igniting a brighter and stronger fire within my veins. My nails dug into the straining muscles of his rippling shoulders as he pounded furiously into my eager body, my legs wrapping tighter around his waist, the heels of my stilettos pressing into his clenching ass as he rode me fast and hard.

I whimpered when he dropped his head to my chest and took one sensitive nipple into his mouth. My fingers instantly threaded into his silk locks, and I yanked his head back. “More.” I nearly screamed when he pistoned in and out of my now dripping heat, the frantic pace of his rocking hips almost violent in their exquisite movements. “Fuck…So close…” Indeed, my stretched hole was spasming around his pulsing member as he pumped his cock furiously into me; and all it took was his fingers reaching between my swollen lips, a few flicks and a short command of ‘come’ for me to crash head-first into nirvana, the walls of the bathroom and the sounds of the running shower fading into oblivion as I sank into wave after wave of rapture.

When my eyes refocused, I found him smirking at me. “Well, you look proud of yourself.”

“Rough day?” he asked with a beaming smile.

I ignored his dirty quip. “Yes. And if you’re quit finished with the shower, I need one.” I gave him a pointed look, but I could practically feel the mischief sparkling in my eyes. “Someone got me very dirty.” With that, I pranced away and behind the foggy, shower wall. I tried not to giggle when I felt his arms slip around me as we stood together beneath the warm spray—thank God we had a large water heater! “I thought you were through with your shower. It certainly looked like it when I came in.”

He practically purred in my ear. “Yes, but I figure you need help getting clean.”

Forty minutes later, I had managed to wash away all the stress of my nightmarish day…but I was still dirty.

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