Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Second Annual Darkella Contest

Jasper’s Naughty Girls & TwiMuses Present       
The Second Annual Darkella Contest
I'm so lucky to be a part of both these wonderful blogs. Well the Jasper's Naughty Girls and The Twi-Muses are coming together agin tio bring bring a kickass contest!

I'm so excited about this contest, I can't wait to read all you amazing entries. I love a dark Bella weather she is human or vamp!

Think of the possibilities of a dark wicked Bella. A Bella in a dark world of your choosing, is she human? Is she a Vampire? Is she something else entirely? As long as she is DARK we’ll take it.
Make no mistake this is all about Bella, so she must be the central character.


1. Darkella (Dark Bella) must be the central character.

2. All Bella pairings will be accepted.

3. Length must be 2500+ words, no max.

4. Lemons are not mandatory, but will be gladly accepted.

5. Collabs are welcome.

6. You must be 18+ years to enter. Sorry but we are allowing smut so no minors!

7. Entry must be beta'd as we will be validating all One Shots for grammar and punctuation.

8. Human or vamp entries will be accepted. We don't care if she's alive or immortal, as long as she's dark.

9. You are not allowed to extend your fic until after the winners have been announced. (This includes a vote for me chapter)

We reserve the right to refuse any fic based on the above rules. We're happy to answer any and all questions or provide further clarification on the rules.

Contest Dates:

Entries will be accepted starting on October 1st. Last day to submit will be November 1st.

Voting will begin on November 10th and end on November 17th

Winners will be announced on November 23rd

Voting details:

There will be three winning categories

1st  place Reader's Choice

2nd place Reader’s Choice

3rd place Reader’s Choice


Winners will receive a custom made winners banner, as well as being featured on both Blogs.


Once your story is beta'd, polished and uploaded to, email a link of your story to

Along with the following information:

Authors pen name and profile link (if this is a collab then send both names or the combined screen name with both profile links)

Name of OS:

When entering your OS on to the site, we ask that the following information be posted at the top of your story for clarification.

"Entry for the Second Annual Darkella Contest"



Word Count:


Once your OS has been reviewed and approved, we will send you an email telling you the status of your entry. Your OS will be added to the “Favorite Stories” section of the contest page.

Make sure to follow the contest page for all entries.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, squees then feel free to contact us.

Directly through the contest page:

By Email:

Or one of the individual blogs directly:

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