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Naughty Boy For a Day ... Addictward

Good Morning and happy Monday! Today we have our first ever, Naught Boy For A Day.

I'm excited to introduce Addictward. You may know him from the story Addicted. I had the pleasure of interviewing him, so I thought he would make the perfect Naughty Boy!

He has also hinted to me that he would like to give writing a try and may write a Lemon Drizzle. I anxiously await that Drizzle.


Yes- I know I’m not a girl –  well not last time I checked, hang on…yep, definitely a boy, well, rather a man.
Seriously, many thanks to the naughty girls here for asking me to be the first male to feature as naughty for the day (See how I clever I was by not mentioning the sex there?)

I feel incredibly honored to be given the opportunity to share two of my favorite stories with you all. 

Are they naughty? Yes. 

Are they vampy? Yes.

If I was a female would I be all excited about them? Hell Yes!!!!
I may even get slightly excited myself when reading these. But I digress; you just want to know what they are, don’t you? Well, here you go. 

Summary:  Neither can survive without the other. They have to be together or they will both perish. Bella Swan is a graduate student working on her master’s thesis when she finds herself drawn into a world of dreams, the like of which she has never before experienced. A mysterious, passionate man is seducing her in a dream state. Who is he? And more importantly, where can she find him?
Edward Cullen is an incredibly beautiful man… and an immortal vampire. The smell of human blood sings to him making it nearly impossible to be around anyone, save his own kind.

Rated M
Twitter @ChocoMG2112

What an amazing story this is. MG2112 had me hooked from the first chapter. From the first chapter in I immediately understood this Edward’s pain, I felt his fear and desolation - vampires are always at their best when they are tortured souls and this is exactly what the author gives us.


Carlisle, the Cullen family patriarch, slowly walked down the stairs into the dark basement, deep beneath the home's enormous garage. Though he could be silent in his movement, he purposefully made heavy footfalls as he went deeper into the cavernous underground room. He didn't want to startle his son.

"Edward? It's been such a long time since we have heard anything from you. Esme and I thought I should just check on you…. Edward?"

He stepped closer to the dimly lit corner where he saw the curled up ball that was his son, but this creature looked nothing like his beloved son. He set down the large bucket of rats and other larger rodents, and moved to pick up the "empty" bucket containing the carcasses of the drained animals. Edward sat on the floor, his face pressed into the corner. His hair was matted and dirty, his clothes were filthy, and what little of his face was visible showed the remnants of blood from the rodents he drank to survive… barely.

Crouching down to Edward's eye level, Carlisle sighed in quiet desperation. The writing on the wall he had cleaned only a few months ago was back, but this time it seemed as though it was carved into the wall. Filling every inch of space around Edward were the words, "I am nothing."
"Oh, my son, it's started again," Carlisle exhaled and pulled the broken man into his arms, stroking his hair. Edward stayed curled up, his arms hugging his knees, staring into nothingness and rocking back and forth. Words croaked from his white lips.

"Bella. Bella. Bella. Bella. Bella. Bella. Bella. Bella. Bella. Bella. Bella. Bella…"

I’m not gonna say too much about the plot of the story as this is one that I could really spoil for you, but my favorite parts are the ones where Edward recalls his previous lives with Bella. This time though Edward is gradually gathering himself to be strong again and is now able to reach out to Bella in a way he has never managed before.  

"Oh please, oh please, oh please," I begged my mystery man.

"Anything for you, my love," he sighed into my neck. "There is nothing I would not give you."
He removed his fingers and used his hands to lift my hips and I felt him plunge inside me. "Oh yes!" I groaned. We stayed like that, him buried in me with my legs wrapped around his waist. We gazed deeply into each other's eyes. I could see his soul in those beautiful golden eyes.

We began to move together, slowly rocking at first. He kissed and licked my neck. God, I loved it when he nuzzled my neck like that. It was so sensual, so erotic. He pulled back suddenly and rose to his knees putting his hands on the headboard for support and began moving faster inside me. I grabbed the sheets on the bed to hold on for dear life. Then he slowed, making more deeply measured thrusts, moaning my name. I felt myself quickly climbing again.

"Isabella!" he cried as I felt myself begin to buck and shudder with a massive orgasm.
"AAAAAAAAAAA!" I screamed and my eyes shot open. I sat straight up and found myself in the middle of the bed, completely naked, my legs spread wide and my hands fisted in the bed sheets.
I slowly released the bed sheets while I was panting and shaking like a leaf. My heart thudded in my chest and my body was covered with a thin sheen of perspiration. I tentatively touched my sex and not only did it tingle from one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had, but I swear I felt as though I had just been freshly and thoroughly fucked.

Still shaking, my hand went to my breast. It was wet. My nipple was wet. This wetness wasn't perspiration. Nipples don't sweat!

I fell back on the bed. "Oh, god. Oh, god. Ohgodohgodohgod." I whimpered. "What in the hell is going on?"

Hmm... What is going on? I’d love to tell you but I can’t, you have to go and read it. The whole story has been well thought out and the mystery gradually unfolds, chapter by chapter.  It really is a beautiful, sexy, exciting read.


Summary: Edward’s been a solitary vampire, hunting on the edges of society. He rejoins his family in Forks, ready to abstain and runs across a young woman praying. A choice must be made between one’s heart, one’s desires and one’s soul. 

Rated M
Twitter @duskwatcher

You like your Edward dark then head over and read this. It’s complete at 34 chapters and such an amazing read. Both Edward and Bella are strong characters in this story, both have problems and guilt over situations in their past. The story deals with how they manage to reconcile their past and move forward in their lives. There are some seriously sexy times between them but the thrust of this story is the tentative and exciting plot that pulls you along on their journeys of discovery.
This is the first time Bella sees Edward after she has finished praying in church.

Although I could have stayed there all night, it was time for me to leave. Softly, so I would not disturb the holy silence, I gathered my things and headed down the central aisle of the pews, the carpet masking the sound of my small steps.

That's when I saw the angel. He was lying in the pew two rows before the end, murmuring to himself. He was dressed like any young man of our time, in leather pants and jacket. But it was his face that gave away his true nature. He was pale and ethereal, and as his lips moved slightly with his words, I could see how perfectly formed his features were. His eyebrows were knitted slightly above his closed eyes as if he was in deep concentration. His jaw line was strong and well defined, his lips full and sensual. I couldn't make out the words of his litany, but his face was immensely sorrowful. Only angels can be that sad; it was just for them and God to know all of the sins of the world. His dark russet hair was tossed every which way as if he had just flown to earth on a mission of great importance. He was lying on his back in the padded pew, his hands clasped together on his stomach, his long legs crossed at the ankles.

I was overcome by the knowledge that God had allowed me to see one of his holiest creatures; it was a sign of great grace and I whispered my thanks to Him.

The angel's eyes flew open and instantly he was beside me. He moved as angels do, faster than sight, in one moment lying down and in the next, towering over me. If I had any doubts that he was a human man, they were dispelled with the speed in which he moved. His face had turned suddenly fearsome, beautiful and terrible at the same time. "Who are you?" he demanded. Even in anger, his voice was musical and alluring.

"Isabella Swan," I breathed, too surprised to add any honorific. How did one address angels? Had I angered him? I dropped my eyes to the floor, trembling a little as I stood before his judgment.
There was a pause and I waited. Finally, timidly, I raised my eyes, feeling his gaze on my face. His expression had softened, perhaps in response to my obvious trepidation. "I'm sorry if I frightened you."

"Th-that's alright," I stammered. "I'm surprised to see one of your kind here."

That surprised him. His dark elegant eyebrows rose and he took a step back. "My kind." It wasn't a question. His eyes narrowed as he appraised me.

I hoped I was worthy of his appraisal. I took another step closer to him, following the most intense aroma I had ever smelled. It was baking bread, laundry dried outdoors and early spring mornings all wrapped in one. It was the kind of smell that made you want to bury your nose in it and spend your life inhaling. I spoke the first thing that came to my mind. "Why are you here?" I wondered aloud.
His beautiful lips were pursed in confusion. He met my question with one of his own. "Why can't I hear you?"

I raised my eyes to his face. His eyes were truly angelic. Deep golden pools, almost cat-like in their color, made him look slightly feral yet touched by a light that made him glow from within by God's grace. I was as puzzled as he. "You can't hear me?" I murmured.

I saw the tiny movement of his nostrils as they flared. "You smell human," he said softly as if he expected otherwise. His eyes suddenly grew a dark, flat black as his pupils expanded so that the gold was squeezed out. It made the hairs on the back of my neck rise. "In fact, you smell wonderful." He took a step closer.

The intensity of his presence was overwhelming. If God's plan for me was to leave earth with this angel, I would try not to be afraid. I just wanted to know. Somberly, I asked him, "Have you come to take me?"

Another surprised look crossed his face. His quick intake of breath hissed through his teeth. "Do you want me... to take you?" he asked softly as if afraid of my answer.

"Is that what you're here for?" I asked. I was proud that my voice didn't shake, but inside I was churning. He was so intensely beautiful, so inhumanly radiant. The urge to prove to myself that this was no self-imagined dream was overwhelming. Boldly, I reached out and lightly grasped his fingers as his arm hung loosely at his side. His hand was as cold and as firm as an oak bough frozen in mid-winter, like he had indeed flown from heaven.

He jumped at my touch as if it had shocked him. His expression moved from surprise through amazement to fear. "I'm not here for anything," he disavowed, taking another step back. He was staring at me as if my presence frightened him, as if I were making him lose some kind of control.

As always with Edward he has to make choices. Once he’s met Bella he can’t leave her alone and he gradually picks up the courage to spend time with her, but he struggles all the time with his bloodlust for her – something I more than understand!

He started on the zipper to his jeans, having shed his tee shirt and shoes. I stepped back to feel the bed against the back of my thighs, and I sat down on it, scooting backwards towards the head of the bed, watching breathlessly as his jeans dropped to the floor. As exquisite as he was clothed, he was only more so when naked. Like Michelangelo's David, he was breathtaking in his young, masculine beauty. The muscles of his arms, torso and thighs were sublimely defined; with his pale skin, he truly seemed an ancient statue come to life. My heart settled down into a deep, slow beat as time itself seemed to fall into a slow burning grove. Gone were the doubts, the fears. Now there was only the primal need to come together as man and woman.

I had almost reached the head of the bed, when there was deep rumbling from his chest, almost a feral sound, as his hand shot out and grabbed my ankle before I could slide farther backwards from him. Kneeling at the foot of the bed, he pulled me back across the covers as handily as if I were a stuffed doll. His eyes never left mine as he lifted me easily into his lap. The shock of our skin meeting made me gasp.

I sat on his thighs, knees bent, my legs spread around his hips, my breasts pressed against his smooth, hairless chest. He held me to him with one hand, while his other hand roamed my hip and thigh, dipping to cup my buttock. I could feel the heat between my legs where we had yet to meet, his hardness brushing against my sex, sending waves of desire that culminated where we would come together.

"Bella," he whispered, kissing my neck and shoulders. "So beautiful…"

I might have answered, if I were anywhere near coherent, to tell him how sublime his hair felt in my fingers as I combed it from his face with my fingers, how gracefully his neck met his shoulders, how the small hollows behind his collarbones begged for my lips. I might have said how exquisite his round shoulders felt under my hands as I clung to him, speechless with need.

His hand rose to my breast and tugged at the nipple, making me sigh with the thrill of pleasure shooting through me. My whole body felt as keyed up as if an electric current were passing through it, and I tucked my head into his neck, panting with the voltaic feelings. Slowly, he bent me backward to bring his mouth to my breasts, first one, then the other, lips pulling at the erect tip and flicking his tongue across the nipple, forcing long, breathy moans from me. It was almost more than I could bear, and I ground my hips against him, trying to express the urgency of my desire.
Suddenly I was on my back, him hovering above me. I spread my knees wider around his hips and clawed at his back, arching my own, trying desperately to find the friction I was aching for.

"Bella," he breathed, "I need—please, be still."

Go on, spoil yourself and read it! In fact go and read both, you’ll love them!! 

And just as a final pimp – Addicted by Lizzylillyrose (the story that I’m in) is now complete. Go see what I get up to when I let my vampire instincts take over… 

See you all later, Addictward xx

I would like to Thank Addictward for being our first Naughty Boy For a Day. You can find him on twitter @Addictward

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  1. Oh my growler, you were as amusing and naughty as ever! Nice to see a naughty boy, hope Lady Tazz continues surprising us every once in awhile. As for your rec's, I actually just fav them both recently for my TBR list. After your reviews, I will definitely have to push that list up. Nothing better than sexy vamps with a touch of darkness. :)