Thursday, January 7, 2010

Guest Reviewer - Jasper's Izzy

How lucky are we? Day two of the blog and we already have a guest reviewer. Jasper's Izzy is no stranger to the world of dark fics. If you haven't already done so, you should check out her Darksper fic... Faith In You. I love that story, and she is doing an amazing job with it! I'm quite certain that it will be getting reviewed here in the very near future! So, here is what she has submitted to us...

Abyss by IwantaWerewolfForMyself

Governor Swan has forwarded the persecution of Vampires ever since their existence was revealed. Their leader Aro wants revenge. He sends his best fighter and hater of humans, Edward, to abduct the Governor's daughter Bella. Edward & Bella. DARK. AU.

Wow, this story is amazing. It is so descriptive and just down right terrifying if you put yourself in Bella's position. The story starts out as her just being kidnapped by Edward and Jasper. Two of the Volturi's most powerful vampires and completely ruthless. Bella's father is an activist of sorts against the vampire's and wants them all destroyed, so kidnapping the governor's daughter to get him to bend to their will is their plan. Edward absolultly loathes humans and poor Bella gets the brunt of his rage. He is cruel and lashes out against her every chance he gets while looking at her in disgust and hatred. He takes every chance he gets to be the more dominant creature since he's a vampire and she is human. So why can't he seem to keep his hands off of her when directing her to do something or taking her some where? Jasper doesn't seem to have a problem not touching her when he needs to order her around. Also Jasper suspects something very dangerous for their kind is happening to Edward. Maybe feeling somethings he shouldn't for the human they are forbidden from by vampire law? We don't know what it is yet, because we are only nine chapters in, but it has Jasper worried and Edward acting a little differntly towards Bella. A quote directly from Abyss to give you a little hint "He didn't seem to like hurting her and yet he couldn't stop." We have almost all BPOV with one chapter JPOV so far and it is getting good. It's like a mystery to figure out what is going on behind Edward's mind. He gives subtle hints along the way, but we aren't going to know for sure why he can't seem to stay away from Bella, even when he hates her so much. Edward's dominant nature is alluring and you can't help but wonder what makes him want to treat Bella the way he does. Go read. You won't be disappointed.

Thank you, Izzy! I really appreciate you reviewing for us! I can't wait to start this one!
Remember, if you have a dark, dominant fic for us to review, please e-mail it to us. You can also review it, too.

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