Friday, March 19, 2010

WIP Fic Rec - Faith In You


Summary - Twenty years after Edward leaves Bella, the Cullen's are in trouble. Jasper is called home after being away from his family he once loved, but he has changed. Now an unknown force is out to destroy the vampire world as they all know it. J/B dark themes.

Disclaimer - This story contains very dark/mature themes. Don't like, don't read.

We know that this story was guest rec'd on this blog a few weeks ago by Jasper's Sex Kitten, but the Naughty Girls wanted a chance to weigh in as well.

Cullen818 - Wow! That's what I say when I think about this fic. Izzy has clearly out done herself with Darksper. He is all kinds of hot as a human drinking vampire who has left the Cullen coven. And Bella...well you're going to have to read this fic because you wouldn't believe it if I told you. The darkness in this story defies any other fic in this genre. It's so well developed already and I know there is so much story left to tell. I can't wait! Jasper's Izzy owns this one!

JaspersDarlinKathy - Hmm, let me see how I am going to word this rec exactly right. So, have you ever read a fic that literally grabs a hold of you and refuses to let you go? You know the one's I'm talking about right? The fics that will not, no matter what, let go of your attention. You're sitting on the edge of your seat, biting your lip, begging for an update. Oh yeah that's what this fic does. That's what happens when you start reading this fic and Jasper's Izzy definitely delivers a take on Jasper that makes you plead and beg for more. You'll see what I'm talking about, once you go read it.

TwiCarol - I love this fic so much! It starts off so well and continues on in that vein, never disappointing. Her Darksper is hotness personified, her Bella is amazingly kickass, and her storyline is original, fascinating & captivating. If you are not reading this, you are seriously missing out! And the lemon... *THUD* It is a superbly well-written story & I look forward to seeing where Jasper's Izzy is taking us on this journey with bated breath. There is no doubt in my mind that it is going to be spectacular! So what are you waiting for? Off you go... go read... go now!

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  1. OMFG! (blushes furiously) Dudes, you all are too kind, really. Thanks for such kind words and such an awesome rec. I heart you all hard BB's.