Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday One Shot Wonder Recs


Summary - It's Jasper's birthday and Edward has a little surprise for him... Some slashy boy lovin' for mw138's birthday! If slash is not your thing, then please back off and let the rest of us enjoy! :)

Just a cute, little oneshot about the day Edward surprises Jasper on his birthday. Its not very long, but I totally got the sense these two genuinely loved one another. So, if you're not looking for deep and dark today, this one will put a smile on your face (if you're into slash)!


Jasper Whitlock had been firm in his beliefs that was until a young temptress walked into his life and showed him the Temptation of Sin.
Madam Akyria wrote this for my birthday. I love that Bella is the vampire and Jasper is the human.


"You're wound up too tight, Jasper. That is your problem. You need a release, and to unwind a bit."

Her hands slide up the inside of my legs. As much as I know I should tell her to stop, the words don't come out of my mouth.

As she straddles my lap and kisses my neck, I have no words to say, no denial. Why had I thought she was sin? I can't remember now.

Her fingers pop the buttons of my jeans, letting me finally breathe.
"I've waited a very long time for you, Jasper, and I won't be denied," she said as her lips finally found mine in a soul-binding kiss.

"I know exactly what you want to do to me, Jasper," she whispered in my ear. "There is so much more that I intend to do to you... after your hard cock slides unyielding into my pussy as you pound hard into me against that wall right there."

I should be aghast with the filthy words coming out of her mouth, yet I am not. It excites me, it makes me harder, it makes me desire her even more. I want to fill her to the brim, I want her to scream, I want to make her scream. Being in the courtyard as we are, anyone could walk by and see us. I was to take her inside to my room.

She's on her knees in between my legs and she draws my cock into her mouth.

She smiles against me and sucks hard. My head falls back as a groan comes out of my mouth.

"Holy fuck" pops put of my mouth before I can say stop the profanity from falling from my lips.

Holy... OMG! *fans self* and it just gets better!!!

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