Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday One Shot Wonder Recs

Summary - While trying to keep their marriage interesting Bella and Jasper end up sitting in a jail cell. What's even worse is having to explain to her Police Chief father why they're there.

This one was adorable. And, if I were Bella, I'd be mortified. Poor Jasper!  This couple was just trying to mix things up and keep it interesting, too bad the cop didn't see it that way. I could just picture Charlie's face when Bella had to call him in the middle of the night for an assist!

If you're looking for an amusing, sweet story this Sunday, check this out!

Afraid of the Dark by nowforruin

Summary - Edward Cullen is Dr. Bella Swan's new patient. Despite being 107, he's still afraid of the dark. Can he be cured? Or will he be doomed to an eternity of sparkling balls? A comedic tale of getting over your fears.

I found this o/s the other day & I'm so glad that I did. It's well-written & funny with a fantastically snarky Edward & Bella. Also, the ending is unexpected, but great. Here's a quick taste for you...

Yes, afraid of the dark. One hundred and seven years old. Creature of the night. The Undead. Nosferatu. Vampire.

Afraid of the dark.

It was a problem, and not one easily fixed. I should have known that this whole living forever nonsense had a catch, some fine print that no one bothered to disclose before you woke up for the last time.

Balls that sparkle, for example, was not on the list of handy-dandy newfound vampire talents I could expect—but I got those anyway.

I digress.

LMAO! This is not your usual Edward, believe me. I loved it & I hope you do too. Enjoy!

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