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Lemon Drizzles

This is the final week to be in the running for 
 April's Lemon Drizzle Author of the Month.

This weeks Pic Prompt:

Push me up against the wall and do NAUGHTY things to me!

This weeks Lemon Drizzle submissions:

“Welcome Home”
By: Cullen.Love.101
Pairing: Bella/Jasper

The party was in full swing by the time I arrived at my best friend, Alice’s, house in Forks, Washington. She loved to host parties, & her ‘End of Summer Bash’ was always the best – I never missed them. I made my way through the throng of faceless people until I made it into the kitchen where I got myself a bourbon & coke before trying to find Alice.

When I couldn’t find her downstairs, I quickly finished my drink & started to make my way upstairs, weaving my way between many couples intent on almost doing ‘it’ on the staircase. Tongues were exploring their partner’s mouths, hands were groping various body parts & it all seemed to just bring back how long it had truly been since I was the one who was tongue wrestling with my partner, who had groping hands all over me – God, it’s been too long.

As I got to the second level, I squeezed my way through even more couples jammed into the hallway making out. Alice always locked the bedroom doors when she had her parties – she didn’t allow anyone into the bedrooms – just the thought of having to wash the soiled sheets made her stomach turn, so she put a stop to it before it ever happened by making sure to lock all the rooms. If the party-goers wanted to get it on, they had to go somewhere else for that.

I was about to head up to the third floor to Alice’s room when I heard someone call my name.


I turned towards the voice & my panties were instantly drenched. It was Alice’s smoking-hot brother, Jasper, in all his 6 foot-2 inch, cowboy-looking glory. I felt myself drooling at just the sight of him. Jasper was 3 years older than me, had already graduated college & moved to Texas to work. He was always the primary star of my teenage fantasies & even as an adult, he had starred in more than his fair share. Forget Hollywood’s hottest, this man beat them all, hands down.

“Hey Jasper, welcome home”. I couldn’t stop staring at him. He had gotten a really nice tan by going to Texas & he still had that panty-soaking, lop-sided grin when he genuinely smiled.

“Hey Bella, Thanks. It’s been too long.” He said, as he wrapped me in his arms. Alice’s family has always been very affectionate, so Jasper hugging me was nothing new…until I felt his lips on my neck – that was new.

“You have no idea how much I have missed you, Bella.” He whispered in my ear. “You smell so good. Come on, let’s go somewhere a little more private.” With that, he took my hand & led me to the end of the hallway, taking a key from his pocket, he unlocked a door & pulled me inside.

Flicking on the lights, he pulled me close to him & captured my lips in a searing kiss. It took me several moments to respond to his ministrations due to the shock that my deepest desire was actually coming true. Once I recovered from the shock, I kissed him back in earnest, our tongues fighting for dominance as hands began exploring each other’s bodies. I was soon pressed up against the wall as the kiss became more heated. My hands slipped under his shirt to explore beneath.

Jasper broke the kiss to quickly remove his shirt, before latching back onto my lips. His lips soon moved to my neck & then behind my ear before whispering “Please, Bella, I need to see you.” Quickly understanding his plea, I nodded my head, when his hands suddenly were around me, pulling down the zipper of my little black dress. He silently lifted it over my head, enjoying his new view with every inch as he slid it over my head. The dress was soon removed & thrown somewhere behind us, leaving me clad in my lacy black bra with matching panties & my black pumps. I heard him whisper ‘beautiful’ before our lips smashed together once more, our hands now able to explore more of each other.

I could feel his rock hard cock pressing into my stomach & I couldn’t stop the whimper that escaped me. If he only knew the dreams I’d had about that particular part of his anatomy.

“It’s OK darlin’, I’ve dreamed about this moment for so long too.” He encouraged, as he lifted me & pressed my back into the wall. I wrapped my legs around him as we both started rubbing against each other, my head falling back against the wall as he ravaged my neck, nipping, sucking & kissing with fervour. Within moments, he was reaching behind me to unclasp my bra then threw it over his shoulder before taking my left nipple into his mouth & continuing his ravaging of my body. He paid equal attention to the right breast after he had my nipple in a hard begging peak.

When he had paid homage to both my breasts, he returned to my lips & at the same time, wrapped his arms around me then proceeded to carry me to the bed.

He laid me down, before standing to quickly remove his jeans. His huge, rock-hard, cock was trying to break through the material of his Hanes Boxer Briefs. The size alone made me swallow loudly but at the same time think that it must be causing him some pain, being so hard. I wanted to help him out, so I quickly got on my knees & crawled to the end of the bed. I swiftly reached in & pulled him out, licking my lips at seeing the purple head begging me to help relieve the pressure within. I leaned forward & took him into my mouth.

I heard Jasper moan my name with relief as I returned the favour to him & his turgid member, & he threaded my fingers into my long mahogany hair guiding me at his pace. He began thrusting into my mouth, faster, until he pulled out of my mouth, thankfully just moments before I was about to gag. “Need you now”, he whispered before pushing me back onto the bed. He quickly removed my thong followed by his boxers then reached into his nightstand to grab the small package, before joining me on the bed.

He pulled me close to him & our lips joined once more. He rolled onto his back, tore open the condom packet, rolled it on then pulled me on top of him. I moved so that my dripping core was hovering above his aching cock. He placed his hands on my hips, guiding me, as I slid down on him. I felt my insides stretch like never before, knowing he was the only one inside of me in so long, & also the biggest, ever. We both moaned in ecstasy when he was fully sheathed inside of me, before we began moving. The pace quickly built, becoming almost frantic as we could both feel ourselves speeding towards our release, knowing neither would last too long. As I came, I saw fireworks burst in front of my eyes & cried out Jasper’s name, at the same time he cried out mine.

I collapsed onto his chest panting & hearing my own heart pounding. Jasper wrapped his arms around me & kissed the top of my head. We lay there catching our breaths & soaking up the moment, before we had to get back to the party.

About ten minutes later, we finally released each other before standing up once more. We lovingly dressed each other amidst tender kisses & then help each other once again, not wanting the moment to end. “I don’t want to let you go, Bella.” He whispered to me.

“You never have to, Jasper. Now I have you, I never want to let you go either. I’m positive we can work something out. I know your life is in Texas, & until college finishes, my life is in Seattle, but once this final year is over, there’s nothing stopping us.” I replied.

“Well, I’m here permanently now – I got a job in Seattle, starting in two weeks time. I’m gonna start looking for an apartment on Monday, so there won’t be anything stopping us from being together.”

I gasped at his announcement & jumped into his arms, kissing him all over his face. Before he placed me on my feet once more. “I guess we’d better head back out there – Alice still doesn’t know I’m here.” With that, we turned to the door, hand in hand & headed back out to the party downstairs.

As we came back out into the hallway, Jasper immediately locked the door then turned back to me & gave me another tender kiss on the mouth. “Thank you for that unique Welcome Home, Bella. That is the best I can ever recall.” With that he bent down & kissed me gently once more. As he stood back up, Alice came down the hall, wrapped in the arms of her boyfriend, Edward.

“Bella, you finally got here. Jasper, move out the way.” My Pixie-like friend said, elbowing her brother out of her way in her rush to wrap me in her arms. I hugged her back telling her I was trying to find her when I ran into Jasper. Her slight blush & quick look at Edward was all I needed to know she was otherwise busy too.

With that, I asked if she wanted to go dance. With a nod of her head, the four of us descended the stairs to the main floor, hand in hand & danced the rest of the night away.


Playing With Your Food
Beta: stephlite
Pairing: Angela/Emmett 
I stepped into the club and adjusted my glasses.  They are non prescription of course, but they are my comfort, a reminder of my human life.  I considered which to be tonight, the coy temptress or the shy bookworm.  It never mattered to me though.  It was about what I wanted and needed.  The blood… The sex… 

I scanned the large space and found the object for tonight’s feast. As I walked over to his place by the bar, I took in his form.  He was gorgeous and his eyes kept scanning over the room as if looking for something.  His eyes caught mine and my steps faltered for a second. I doubt that he noticed, but I did.  A sly smile appeared on his face and I immediately decided on doing something different.  I am just going to be myself.  I sat down at the seat closet to him at the bar and stroked up conversation. 

“I’m Angela,” I said as I stuck out my hand. 

“Emmett McCarty,” he said sweetly. 

We talked about his love for computers, Real Housewives, and Nikki Giovanni.  I never took him for a lover of poetry, but he was full of surprises tonight.  I told him about my love for photography, Miles Davis, and dancing.  At that moment he stood up straight and extended his hand to me. 

“May I have the pleasure of this dance,” he said and his voice melted over me. 

I felt like he just dazzled me… A human!  I took in his scent and was enthralled.  He escorted me out onto the dance floor and I couldn’t believe I was following him like some lost puppy.  A slow song began to play and Emmett wrapped his arms around my waist.  My hands immediately go around his neck and we rock to the beat of the song.  I was lost in his baby blues and my dead heart would be exploding out my chest the way he stared at me.  I began taking unnecessary breaths and I could tell that he was becoming entranced by my alluring scent.  
I turned in his arms and his hands slid to my sides, gripping me tight.  I grind my backside against his growing erection and his hiss causes me to moan.  If this was only half mast, I couldn’t wait for the full salute.  We continued to sway and grind and grope.  I was on fire.  It was like changing all over again.   I had to get back into control.  I went to grab him through his pants when I stopped at the sound of his voice. 
    So who am I to judge you on the past, girl
    I bet there’s a reason for it all
    you say that you’re nothing like the last girl
    I just pray that you don’t let me down right now
    it’s too late, I’m already yours
    you just gotta promise me, hearts won’t break
and end up like before 

The deep tenor of his voice was like fresh blood from the vein.  He whispered over the tune of Jamie Foxx’s “Fall For your Type” and I became wet at the sound.   His kiss against my neck sent me into overdrive and I knew I had to have him.  Now. 

I took his hand and led him to the elevators.  He was shocked to see them, but I immediately kissed him.  He grabbed me closer to him and even his human body felt perfect so close to mine.  My fingers found themselves tangled in his brown locks and I was in ecstasy just from his kiss.  I believed that I had actually become dizzy.  Was that still possible for a vampire? 
“I’ve been waiting for you for so long Angela,” Emmett whispered just as the elevator dinged. 

“What do you mean?” I asked curiously as I slowly led him to the door. 

“My sister always claimed she could see the future.  I never questioned her.  You can’t be right that many times.  She told me I would find the woman of my dreams here in Seattle, at this club.  She told me on a Wednesday, to ‘drink, dance, and feel it.’  This is the first time I ‘felt it.’” Emmett said caressing my face.   

He and his sister were fools.  There was no way he could be my mate. He’s all fleshy with a beating heart.  It was rare for mates to find each other amongst other vampires, let alone a vampire and human.  Emmett would be just a meal…a very handsome looking meal.  I smiled at him and open the door to the loft apartment.  I close and lock the door and turn to stare at Emmett.  He walked slowly over to me and kissed me again. 

“I can’t explain why I’m so drawn to you,” he said softly. 

“It’s just the dazzle,” I whispered as I kissed him back.   

“You’re so cold… Let’s see if I can warm you up,” he laughed and I join in, unable to deny his joy. 

His kisses were feverish and I had to remember not to drain him now.  I wanted him so much.  His blood was so inviting, not that of a singer, but something else entirely.  He was still kissing all over me, ripping off my dress as we traveled down the hallway.  I pulled off his shirt to reveal his fabulous muscled chest to me.  To see him as a vampire would have me in heaven.  The idea seemed to soothe the beast in me and I wanted him forever. 

I shook my head of all thoughts and began to nip and suck on his chest and stomach.   He then yanked me up and pushed me up against the wall.  I tore away my bra and he took my nipple into his mouth. He was every sin, and I wanted to go to hell for doing all of them.  I raked my nails over his shoulder, ripping the skin slightly.  Blood trickled to the surface and I lapped at it.  I hummed at the taste of him and wanted more.  He held my legs up and attacked my lips again.   

“Now let’s see what you taste like,” he groaned as I pushed my aching center into his engorged cock. 

“Yes please,” I cried out. 
He ripped my panties away and circled my clit with his thumb.  His fingers made their way inside my wet hole and I brought my head back in delight of his pleasure.  The wall cracked, but he didn’t notice.  His warm heart was against my chest and I felt like my own heart had begun to beat again.  I was close and on his command, I came….hard.   

“That’s some grip you have.  I think I dislocated a finger.  It was worth it,” Emmett chuckled as he brought his fingers to his lips and sucked on them.  His eyes closed and he hummed in pleasure. 

“So addicting,” he moaned.   

I tried to climb down from the wall to at least taste him, but he stopped me.  He told me that he wanted me here and now. He worked his pants buckle and shimmied down his boxers.  I looked down to see his very large cock making its way to my throbbing center.  I begged him to hurry.  I wanted it all.  Emmett crashed his lips to mine as he plunged deep within me.   We both let out choked cries of pleasure at our joined bodies.  My arms were wrapped around his neck and my hands buried in his hair.  I was trying not to crush his skull from the excitement. 
Sex has never felt like this before, so connected, like everything makes sense.  It felt like…THRUST… everything was finally…UHHHHH…  perfect… THRUST.   I open my eyes to stare at this creature before me and again it’s too much.  I had to end these feelings soon before I came.  I felt like if I did I would be lost in him forever.   
“Angela, babe I’m close…” He whimpered as he pushed in and out of me.   

Had it been another vampire, I would have already been through the wall.  Emmett was strong and he was bringing me closer as well.  He called out my name just as I came and bit into his neck.  He exploded into me, filling me in so many ways.  I never felt so complete and strong.  His blood was a lifeline.  He was still coming as I drained him.  A bite always prolongs it.  He slowly slid us to the floor, but he still held firmly to my waist.   

When his heart started to slow, something inside me panicked.   As if on instinct I began to pump him full of my venom.  I removed myself from him quickly and bit into his femoral artery. His wrists are next, as were his ankles.  For three long seconds nothing happened, but his screams started and I was relieved.  Then scared as hell. What did I do?

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